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Materials We Deliver. Clean fill dirt, white fill, surface sand, ballast rock, rip rap 3-6 inch, rip rap 6-12 inch, dot road base, screened topsoil, bank run shell, large shell, medium washed shell, small washed shell, mason sand, beach sand, 250 sand (paver sand), perc/septic sand (white sand), pavers base/screenings, concrete sand, rice rock, # 1 stone, # 2 stone, # 3 stone, # 4 stone, # 5 ...


Quality Control Plan Concrete Production Facility Ready-Mix Concrete Producer A Materials Group, Inc. FDOT NO. 34-457 June 2015

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Strength Characteristics: Processed RCM, being a 100 percent crushed material, is highly angular in shape. It exhibits California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values ranging from 90 to more than 140 (depending on the angularity of the concrete aggregate and strength of the Portland cement matrix), which is comparable to crushed limestone aggregates.


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FREE CONCRETE DISPOSAL! Bring us your clean concrete for free, fast and easy disposal. DCI recycles and produces a variety of aggregate products for use on most construction projects. Concrete generated by the demolition of existing roads, buildings and other construction projects can be recycled into useful construction aggregate.

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recycled asphalt and concrete pavements. After a survey of other state's specifications and implementation guidelines, Minnesota recycling projects were selected based on the availability of laboratory resilient modulus (M R) tests and field measurements from FWD. The projects were County State Aid Highway 3, Trunk Highway 23

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DOT B-12 Compliant Concrete Sub Base Asphalt Sub Base Unpaved Parking Lots

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Oct 24, 2019· The FDOT said that using FRP-based materials in the construction of new bridges results in a cost increase of about 30% but that the larger price …


Overview . Historically, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has used recycled materials in transportation projects. The FDOT is involved nationally and is working with the Recycled Materials Resource Center and the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials to develop guidelines and specifications for the use of recycled materials in highway projects.

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Specification 334: Crushed Glass (not in surface course) Specification 901: Coarse Aggregate - Reclaimed Portland Cement Concrete. Specification 911: Base - Reclaimed Portland Cement Concrete, reclaimed general crushed concrete. Recycled Plastic . Note: All recycled plastic products are governed by Specification 972.

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Woodruff and Sons, Inc. is a supplier of crushed concrete road base and other aggregate materials at their Bradenton, FL, Tampa, FL and Michigan City, IN locations. We introduced the concept of using crushed concrete as an aggregate substitute to the Hillborough, Manatee, Pinellas, and Sarasota county area in 1985. Since then, we have devoted much time and effort into research and development ...

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Recycling concrete rubble has many benefits to the environment such as keeping our landfills clear, reducing fuel costs and emissions from transportation, as well as extending the life of natural aggregates In this section we have compiled specifications pertaining to recycled material from various government agencies. Click the appropriate button that pertains to the specification...

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The soil-cement is extremely cost competitive with crushed concrete and typically is a better choice when construction and long term maintenance costs are taken into consideration. As municipalities and developers become educated about the benefits of cement-treated limerock, and visually observe the lack of reflective cracking in old CTB ...

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The results indicate that Type II wastewaters used in this study, which did not meet FDOT water quality specifications (Section 923 - Water for Concrete), but did comply with the water quality standards of AASHTO M 157 (Standard Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete), has no detrimental effects on concrete properties.

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The quality of the roadbase aggregates we produce has earned us recognition as the only FDOT-approved producer of such materials in Central Florida. Product Lineup - Crusher • Crushed Concrete Roadbase (FDOT-approved) • Crushed Concrete Roadbase (Commercial) • Concrete Fines (⅜") • …

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This is the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. INTRODUCTION. Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) can be used as granular base or subbase material in virtually all pavement types, including paved and unpaved roadways, parking areas, bicycle paths, gravel road rehabilitation, shoulders, residential driveways, trench backfill, engineered fill, pipe bedding, and culvert backfill.

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SCI Materials Inc Ocala Florida and North Central Florida's premier Limerock Aggregate supplier or 57's, 89's, FDOT base rock, screening and more (888) Home

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FDOT, Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Divisions II and III, latest edition, including: Soil Cement as detailed in Section 270 of the FDOT, Standard Specification for Road & Bridge Construction, 1991 edition. Crushed concrete as detailed by the Engineering Services Department.

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Under FDOT the material code is B-12 and the FDOT specs can be found here. Concrete Road Base – The non-DOT specifications is not as stringent and may include a small percentage of asphalt, brick, porcelain, granite, limerock, and dirt. FDOT specs can be …


122 TABLE B12 DESIGN SERVICE LIFE VERSUS PH AND RESISTIVITY FOR 16-GAGE ALUMINIZED STEEL CULVERT PIPE USING FDOT METHOD (FDOT 2012) Aluminum Pipe Estimates of service life for aluminum pipe can be made based on an FDOT method, applied …

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December 2015 SPECIFICATION CW 3410 – R12 CW 3410 – ASPHALTIC CONCRETE PAVEMENT WORKS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. GENERAL CONDITIONS 1 3. DESCRIPTION 1 5. MATERIALS 1 5.1 General 1 5.2 Handling and Storage of Materials 1

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The following is a list of research reports for recycled materials. Please e-mail the FDOT State Materials Office at [email protected] to request a copy of those reports that do not include a web address. Aggregates. BDL13 - Use of Aggregate Screenings as a Substitute for Silica Sand in Portland Cement Concrete (PCC)

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Specifications also allow for the use of crushed concrete from general construction and demolition waste if the source was previously approved by the FDOT (the source shall have a DEP permit (per section 62-701.730) or be qualified as a clean debris source under DEP's rules to assure that there are no toxic contaminants in the material such as ...

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Crushed Limestone Silica Sand AASHTO M - 85 Type II AASHTO M - 154 AASHTO M - 194 Type D AASHTO M - 194 Type F 3 9.75 6,440 9,430 11,310 70 SPEC POZZOLAN #2 (lbs) : POZZOLAN #2 : ASTM C39 4x8 ASTM C39 4x8 3rd ADMIX (oz) : 0.0 3RD ADMIX : None SPEC This is a precast hot weather mix produced in accordance with FDOT section 346.

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It can also be used as a base for patios and driveways. Crushed concrete can be made up other materials such as brick, hardcore, tarmac and wood. There are many sizes of crushed concrete particles, from 75 mm to a dust. There are several grades: Type 1 Frost Heave, Type 2 Crushed Concrete, 6F3 Crushed Material and Type 1 Graded Crushed Concrete.

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DOT B-12 Compliant Concrete Sub Base Asphalt Sub Base Unpaved Parking Lots