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Pack rolling is a process for fabricating sheet metal. Metal foils are produced by running sheet ingots through rollers of progressively smaller tolerances. Once a suitable thickness is achieved, the sheets are passed through foil rolling mills to produce the required finished thickness. Foils are classified as sheets of metal thinner than 0 ...

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Within foil rolling lines they are typically designed as roughing mills, intermediate mills and finishing mills. For each new strip rolling mill or those to be modernized, a holistic approach to perfectly synchronize mechanics, hydraulics, automation and drive technology in …

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Price : Get Quote We are a prominent Importer and Supplier of Aluminium Foil Rolling Mill in India. Our Aluminium Foil Rolling Mill is produced by a process of foil rolling and annealing from cold-rolled coils, to reach a target thickness under 0.2mm down to 0.006mm (6 micron).

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334 aluminum rolling mill for sale products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba, of which aluminum sheets accounts for 36%, aluminum foil accounts for 17%, and rolling mill accounts for 14%. A wide variety of aluminum rolling mill for sale options are available to you, such as pakistan, ukraine.

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Both mills are capable of rolling down to light (9-12 microns) & ultra-light gauges (7 microns).The combination of mills makes the manufacturing system extremely versatile in terms of gauge mix, and Universal Foils aims to carve out a niche for itself in the light gauge foil market for House foil & packaging of Gutka, Food, Confectionery and ...

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Aluminum Rolling. Rolling gives a piece of aluminum a uniform thickness from start to end. For this, the metal is passed through a series of rollers that thin it out and make it even all over. Using hot and cold rolling, the process creates a precisely-cut coil with a high-quality finish.


4 2000mm aluminum foil rolling mills(1 rough mill 1 intermidiate mill 2 finising mills) from China Nonferrous Metals Processing Technology equipped with AGC and AFC control systems, which operated by advanced electric control system.The thickness gauge automatic control system respectively made by honeywell in USA and spry system from IAS in USA.The 4 aluminum foil rolling mills are designed ...

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The mill rolls are mainly used for the rolling mill, which cause continuous plastic deformation of the metal.The roll is mainly composed of a roll body, a roll neck and a shaft head. The roll body is the middle part of the roll, which actually participates in the rolling of the metal with a smooth cylindrical or grooved surface.There are steel rolls, cast iron rolls, alloy rolls, ceramic rolls ...

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Spidem Roughing Mill; The Spidem Roughing Mill is a 4 Hi Universal Foil Mill with an input gauge of 0.7 mm & output of 9 microns (9 microns x 2 pack rolled) and a maximum speed of 900 m/min. The mill had been continuously upgraded for speed, auto shape control gauge control & higher coil density (from 3 kg/mm to 6 kg/mm).

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The aluminum foil rolling mill adjusts the roll gap and work roll with hydraulic pressure. It is equipped with a strong and good rolling oil system, which can control the roll type freely. Continue Reading. Aluminum foil rolling mill for foil industry.


Rolling foil 8 After the foil stock is made, it must be reduced in thickness to make the foil. This is accomplished in a rolling mill, where the material is passed several times through metal rolls called work rolls. As the sheets (or webs) of aluminum pass through the rolls, they are squeezed thinner and extruded through the gap between the ...


The impact of this is the largest of any rolling process. In fact, roll grinding directly influences the speed of the rolling mill. Due to this, over the years foil rollers have developed grinding strategies capable of maximising rolling speed whilst keeping the desired surface appearance and …

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The X-Mill with intelligent shape control using Sheet flat is designed for ultra-thin strip/foil rolling. The rolls are arranged in an X configuration in which a pair of parallel back-up rolls support each side of the small diameter work rolls at a tangent below the WR top to prevent horizontal deflection.

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An aluminium foil rolling method comprising the steps of taking two strips of aluminium, bringing facing surfaces of the two strips into contact with one another and subjecting the two strips to a first pack rolling operation, thence subjecting the same two strips to a second pack rolling operation whilst maintaining the two strips in substantially the same registry as when the first pack ...

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Aluminum rolling is an industry that requires process optimization and high-quality end-use products. ExxonMobil Chemical has developed a tailored diluents portfolio to meet the high purity required by aluminum foils and sheet products.

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divided into three kinds; namely, hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, and foil mills. 3.1 Hot rolling mills Figure 11 shows an example configuration and the appearance of the hot rolling equipment for copper. Copper hot rolling is distinct from the hot rolling processes of aluminum in that the surface milling process follows the

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hot rolling mill hot rolling mill foil roughing mill foil finishing and slitting further processing including slitting, recoiling & cutting tension leveler annealing furnace inspection packing delivery final cold rolling challenges in surface inspection. the ametek surface . vision solution

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Kobe Steel has supplied several facilities and process plants for copper and copper alloy from strip mills to foil mills around the world. In particular, our 4-High cold rolling mill and multi-high mills (KT Mill & KST Mill) have earned a high reputation in domestic and international market.

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As of the end of 2016, UC Rusal owned 12 aluminium smelters, 10 alumina refineries, 7 bauxite mines worldwide, and 4 domestic foil rolling mills. Smelters Russia. Rusal owns and operates six aluminium smelters, two alumina refineries and two foil rolling mills in Russia: Bratsk Aluminium Smelter, Bratsk; Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter, Shelekhov

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A wide variety of new and used aluminum rolling mills and other equipment including aluminum foil rolling mill, cold rolling mill, continuous casting mill and hot rolling mill, degassing box, grinding machine,multi plate filter for rolling mill oil cleaning, work rollers, plate leveling machine, extrusion plant,high precision cutting saw and others are available with complete technical ...

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A precision wire rolling mill is usually composed of stringer, straightener, horizontal two-high, vertical two-high, universal four-high, tension device, degreasing and cleaning device, traction device, take-up machine, lubrication system, cooling system, control system and on-line measurement system.

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Kobe Steel has supplied several facilities and process plants for copper and copper alloy from strip mills to foil mills around the world. In particular, our 4-High cold rolling mill and multi-high mills (KT Mill & KST Mill) have earned a high reputation in domestic and international market.

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cold rolling, hot rolling, foil rolling, quality control and technical extensions. The book is used to industrial professionals in production and marketing of finished products. It will also be helpful to the professional students and university, Who will find a good base to work further in this field. ... Cold Rolling Mill for Aluminium Sheet

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The majority of cold and foil rolling operations use oil-based lubricants, although some mill systems can accommodate water-based alternatives. The base oil represents more than 90% of the total lubricant volume and acts as a solvent for the load bearing additives and a roll-cooling medium.

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the hot rolling mill is coiled for transport to the cold mill which might be on the same site or elsewhere. Cold mills, in a wide range of types and sizes are available; some are single stand, others 3 stand and some 5 stand (Figures 1301.02.03 and 1301.02.04). Cold rolling speeds vary but modern mills operate at exit speeds as high as 3000 m per